Aliro™ Q.Compute

A cloud quantum development platform for researchers to save time running larger programs with higher accuracy on today’s real quantum devices.

Easy to use
Hardware access
Rapid development
Higher accuracy

Algorithm development in your language

Composer for writing and visualizing quantum circuits
Support for multiple programming languages (Quil, Qasm, etc.)
Visualize and store results
Export results for further processing

Hardware access

Access to broad range of quantum devices including superconducting, trapped ion, photonic, and cold atom (future)
Hardware selection by price, qubits, and availability

Hardware characterization

Detailed noise characteristics of hardware
Realistic noise models for running noisy simulation of hardware

Optimized execution

Uses Aliro™ Noise IQ to optimize fidelity and overall performance
See your execution output, detailing what the compiler has done to optimize your circuits and physical qubit mappings
Store and download results data in CSV and JSON