Aliro™ Q.Network

A dedicated cloud quantum network simulator to help in each step of building near-term quantum networks: creating a network architecture, optimizing network protocols, and running applications.

Easy to use interface and visualization
Supports broad topology choices
Assists in error correction
Optimal distillation protocols

Create your quantum network

Supports linked chain network topology; agnostic to network configurations, such as topology, component fidelities, and component architectures.
Specify devices and channels. Supports heterogeneous components.

Configure your devices

Adjust fidelity parameters: measurement, Hadamard, CNOT
Adjust qubit memory and define qubits

Configure your channels

Source rate
Photon loss (decibels/km)
Dark count rate (Hz)
Distillation protocol: Supports pre-built libraries and user-defined protocols.
Communication protocols: meet in the middle, sender-receiver, mid-point source.

Run simulation

Enables resource estimation and optimized allocation of resources
Handles channel bottlenecks resulting from limited distributed entanglement across individual devices
Simulates the connection of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computers through terrestrial and space-based links.
Supports multipartite entanglement
Accurately simulates noise sources due to: source and detector errors, memory decoherence, processor operation errors, and channel loss.

Get simulation analysis

Provides performance results for comparing protocols and architecture, including distillation, communication protocols, routing, etc.
Provides resource estimation of network components and cost.