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Simplify Building Your Advanced Secure Network

October 25
Simplify Building Your Advanced Secure Network
AliroNet™:  the world’s first full-stack entanglement-based Advanced Secure Network solution is here. 

As industries, organizations, and governments across the globe race to implement quantum technology, attention is turning to Advanced Secure Networking as a path to mitigating security threats posed by quantum computing while simultaneously scaling the potential of new technology to solve problems we cannot tackle using classical technology alone.

What is AliroNet™ used for?

Implementing Quantum-safe security. The security of asymmetric algorithms (e.g., RSA, DSA, DH, ECDH) for authentication and key establishment relies on the assumption that it is infeasible for classical computers to solve certain mathematical problems. These math-based encryption algorithms are commonly used to protect communications, access, and data. Once quantum computing reaches its potential, secured systems, networks, communications, devices, and data will be rendered transparent. Traditional encrypted VPNs will be no more effective at safeguarding sensitive data than hosting the information on the open Internet. Harvest now, decrypt later (HNDL) attacks are attacks in which an adversary steals encrypted data they cannot currently decrypt, and holds onto this encrypted data until they are able to decrypt the data. Due to “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, it must be assumed that all of an organization’s encrypted information and communications from before it implements appropriate quantum-safe security measures (regardless of the state of quantum computing at that time) is non-secure.

Scaling quantum technology. To reach a sophisticated level, quantum technology will need to be linked securely and capable of exchanging and managing quantum data between different nodes, such as quantum computers, and quantum sensors. 

Networking quantum computers located within a single location or across larger geographic locations will enable quantum computing to scale in performance more rapidly to capabilities their classical counterparts will never be able to provide. Quantum computing clusters will be able to achieve substantially higher performance and the potential of solving much more complex problems such as logistics optimization, cryptanalysis, or material design. Distributed quantum computing is the next step beyond clustered quantum computing. Instead of connecting multiple QPUs within a data center, quantum computers are connected across metro area entanglement-based networks, national entanglement-based networks, and even international entanglement-based networks. Blind quantum computing, made possible by distributed quantum computing, enables workloads to be submitted to a cloud-based quantum computer in such a manner that the quantum computer in the cloud cannot discover any details about the data being processed nor the algorithm being executed.

Similarly, quantum sensors offer superior accuracy, stability, sensitivity, and precision over their classical counterparts and can enable tasks that are infeasible with classical sensors. Networking multiple quantum sensors, called distributed quantum sensing, connects multiple geographically dispersed quantum sensors to one another and to centralized processing, storage, and analytical systems. This enables advanced use cases for energy, utilities, geography, and environmental measurements, analysis, and correlation.

Migrating to Advanced Secure Networks can often be a difficult, resource-intensive, and time-consuming resource to implement – but there’s a simpler, more efficient way to meet the challenges and leverage the benefits of quantum technology: AliroNet™.

What makes AliroNet™ different from other networking solutions?

AliroNet™ is the first product of its kind: a turn-key “all-in-one” integrated Advanced Secure Network solution that is hardware agnostic. Implementing quantum sensor networks, distributed quantum computing, blind distributed computing, scaling-out quantum computer processor power via networking, non-terrestrial quantum secure communication, and building the Quantum Internet is made simpler with AliroNet™’s pairing of software, hardware, and done-with-you services. AliroNet™ is standardized to enable and scale quantum networks of various architectures. 

  • Multi-purpose: AliroNet™ enables distributed quantum sensing, quantum secure communication, and quantum computing networks all within the same system. By comparison, today’s QKD networks are single-purpose, capable of running only one application: the distribution of quantum keys. 
  • End-to-End Entanglement-based: AliroNet™ uses entanglement as a resource within the network. Once established, entanglement allows for teleportation: communication exchange without the quantum information being exposed. With end-to-end entanglement, AliroNet™ enables communication directly through an entangled tunnel without the need to transfer data across a network. It's like an unhackable VPN. 
  • Full-stack: AliroNet™ is from the user interface to the internal architecture that drives the network.
  • Done-with-you services: AliroNet™ is packaged in three different modes with services to ensure customers will fully meet their Advanced Secure Networking goals. 

The steps you can take to ensure your organization is meeting the challenges and leveraging the benefits of the quantum revolution are part of a clear, unified solution. Each phase of implementing an Advanced Secure Networking solution has been extremely challenging and resource intensive – until now. AliroNet™ is the most efficient and effective implementation of full scale entanglement-based Advanced Secure Networks. In Deployment Mode, AliroNet™ is your full-scale Advanced Secure Network, simultaneously enabling both quantum-safe data security and the interconnecting of quantum technology for advanced computing and sensing performance.

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AliroNet™ is available in three modes: (1) Emulation Mode, for emulating, designing, and validating quantum networks, (2) Pilot Mode for implementing a small-scale quantum network testbed, and (3) Deployment Mode for scaling Advanced Secure Networks and integrating end-to-end applications. Each mode of AliroNet™ corresponds directly to one of the three necessary phases of building an Advanced Secure Network with a deliverable of Deployment Mode being the user’s deployed full-scale entanglement-based quantum network. We discuss how each AliroNet™ mode provides the software and services necessary to best meet the requirements of its corresponding phase in accordance with the user’s needs. 

Next Steps

The next technology revolution will be quantum - and it's on our doorstep. Quantum technology has the potential to disrupt entire industries, bringing advancements not possible with classical high performance computing. AliroNet mitigates technology lockout by allowing your organization to test, validate, and incorporate more powerful quantum hardware as it becomes available, ensuring you’re ready for the tipping point of quantum technology deployment across the globe. The next step is to begin the planning and preparation phase: assessment, design, and simulation of your Advanced Secure Network needs. Send an email to to get started.

Are you a professional exploring what the quantum technology revolution will mean for your industry and your organization? Aliro can help you understand the technology, how it can be used in your organization, how it will impact your industry, and provide resources to help you prepare for and navigate the quantum future. 
For more information on AliroNet™ and planning your Advanced Secure Network visit our solutions.

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October 25