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Aliro Orchestrator


Aliro Orchestrator manages the entire life cycle of a quantum network and provides a unified, intuitive application through which network operators can view everything, control everything, and automate network operations.

Aliro Orchestrator

Define, Run, and Optimize your quantum network with Aliro Orchestrator

  • Model-View-Controller application for setup, configuration, management, control, and monitoring
  • Interactive visual user interface
  • Can control third-party quantum hardware components
  • Allow quantum network testbed operators to offer their network as a service or resource in an easy, safe, and structured way 

Quantum Network Types

  • Operational Quantum Networks: provide quantum network orchestration services and support applications.
  • Quantum Network Testbeds: research or lab setups for experimentation, testing, and experimental demonstration. 

Aliro Orchestrator 2

Aliro Orchestrator operator dashboard

Aliro Orchestrator is deployed at EPB’s commercial quantum network in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Read more about how AliroNet is powering this  quantum network here, on EBP’s website, and in this press release.

Aliro Orchestrator Functionality

  • Define quantum network including topology and hardware
  • Evaluate and validate quantum network designs
  • Schedule and run quantum network operations and applications
  • Monitor, alert, and alarm
  • Dashboard with status and performance metrics
  • View and download network measurements
  • Configure and monitor hardware devices
  • Manage the users and the user services (evaluations)

Aliro Orchestrator functionality is delivered via the graphical user interface (GUI) and as a REST-based application programming interface (API) for automation.

For more details about AliroNet™, download the solution brief here.

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