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The World’s First Full-Stack Entanglement-Based Quantum Network Solution


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AliroNet™ is the most efficient and effective implementation of full scale entanglement-based quantum networks.

In Deployment Mode, AliroNet is your full-scale quantum network, simultaneously enabling both quantum-safe data security and the interconnecting of quantum technology for advanced computing and sensing performance:

  • Provably quantum-secure methods of protecting access and data are physics-based instead of math-based, which are necessary in the short term due to HNDL attacks
  • Capable of supporting multiple types of quantum technology simultaneously: quantum sensors, quantum computers, varying qubit architectures, etc.
  • Compatible with existing classical networks
  • Minimize the difficulty, resource-intensiveness, and time to implementation
  • Includes Aliro's proprietary AlirOS™, an operating system that runs on or adjacent to quantum network hardware devices

AliroNet™ Software Components

AliroNet Software Components - T

Aliro Orchestrator

  • Aliro Orchestrator manages the entire life cycle of a quantum network and provides a unified, intuitive application through which network operators can see everything, control everything, and leverage automated network operations.
  • Natively drives Aliro Controller, but can also be used directly with third party control software running on third party hardware components.

Aliro Controller

  • Aliro Controller serves as a centralized brain for the quantum networking stack, controlling all instances of AlirOS™.
  • Implement prioritization of critical traffic (traffic engineering) and monitor status of components.


  • AlirOS™ is the software stack that runs on or adjacent to the end-nodes and repeaters.
  • Portable across multiple hardware vendors and hardware platforms, 

    AlirOS™ continues to evolve with the hardware it runs on, from controlling individual hardware components to executing adaptive protocols.  

Aliro Simulator

  • Aliro Simulator is a versatile, modular, insight generating quantum network simulator equipped to model the smallest optical components up to large heterogeneous networks with extreme physical accuracy.
  • Includes Aliro visualizer, a tool for generating diagrams that allow users to graphically investigate the node level performance of a network design and set of protocols. 


Building your quantum network

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AliroNet™ is a unified solution used in three distinct modes to emulate entanglement-based quantum networks, implement small scale pilots, and deploy full-scale universal entanglement-based quantum networks. 

Deployment Mode: for realizing your full-scale quantum network.

 In this mode, AliroNetTM software and services scale the pilot quantum network to a full-scale quantum network capable of running the organization’s desired applications. As technology improves and the organization's requirements change, it is likely the organization will want to upgrade and scale its network. Deployment Mode includes services to help continue to upgrade and scale the deployed network as well as network management and maintenance support.

Deployment Mode is also available in an orchestration-only configuration which may be used to configure, control, and manage third-party control software running on third-party hardware components.

globe of interconnected quantum nodes
buildings with quantum nodes

Pilot Mode: for implementing a small-scale quantum network testbed.

The next step is building a small-scale quantum network used to test and optimize performance and gain internal familiarity with the technology. AliroNet™ Pilot Mode includes everything in Emulation Mode, plus AlirOS (the on-device software that facilitates the quantum networking protocols) and the Aliro Controller (the centrally located software that manages and runs the network as a whole), plus a suite of services to ensure users meet and exceed their pilot goals.

Emulation Mode: for emulating, designing, and validating quantum networks.

Before building a quantum network of any scale, it’s necessary to first identify quantum networking plans, goals, budget, and risks. Then design (e.g. choose and optimize hardware, configurations, protocols, etc.). AliroNet™ Emulation Mode includes Aliro Simulator, a world-leading quantum network simulator software package, and a suite of services to ensure users meet and exceed their assessment, emulation, and design requirements.

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AliroNet is packaged with done-with-you services. Our world-class team of experts in quantum and classical networking ensure your success.



Network design

Network design

Hardware acquisition  support

Hardware acquisition support

Testing & verification

Testing & verification

Optimization & performance  monitoring

Optimization & performance monitoring

Data analysis

Data analysis

Foundational technology development

Foundational technology development

Quantum-Lab-as-a-Service & Testbed

Quantum-Lab-as-a-Service & Testbed

Download the AliroNet™ solution brief here.

Download the AliroNet™ data sheet here.

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AliroNet™ for organizations


  •  Networks are adapting to keep customer data secure in a world with quantum computers
  • Build your quantum network, from quantum network prototypes to customer-ready networks


  •  Protect high value or long-term secrets
  • Unlock the power of scalable quantum computing
  • Deploy quantum sensor networks for PNT


  • Secure sensitive transactions.
  • Site-to-site secure communication.
  • Leverage quantum computing power.


  • Solve the scaling problem with clustered quantum computing
  • Blind quantum computing for secure computation


  • Manage multiple devices, users, and experiment scheduling
  • Easily reconfigure network topology
  • Simulate networks to evaluate experiments
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