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Major Advanced Secure Network deployments of 2022 (so far)

August 25
Major Advanced Secure Network deployments of 2022 (so far)

Efforts are underway all over the world to build entanglement-based Advanced Secure Networks that will one day lead to the development of the Quantum Internet. These early deployments are the first step in establishing infrastructure, and creating the next generation of applications.

In 2020, the U.S. announced their Blueprint for the Quantum Internet which lays out a plan to build the first large-scale entanglement-based networks in the U.S. Similar efforts are underway around the globe, such as the Quantum Internet Alliance in Europe.
Now, in the first half of 2022, we’re seeing more and more entanglement-based Advanced  Secure Networks being deployed at a steady pace. Here’s a list of a few that captured our attention:

Quantum Encryption and Science Satellite (QEYSSat)
Date announced: February 16, 2022
Description: A UK-Canada research partnership to expand global quantum network capabilities via satellite, slated to launch in 2024.
Efforts include:

  • Study how the network behaves in space.
  • Lay the groundwork for a global network supporting the exchange of encryption keys over long distances.

Singapore’s National Quantum-Safe Network 
Date announced: February 17, 2022
Description: A three-year project with public and private partners will trial commercial technologies. conduct in-depth evaluation of security systems, and develop guidelines to support companies in adopting quantum-safe technologies. 
Efforts include: 

  • Deploying a production-ready platform and infrastructure for innovation pilots, accessible for partners to perform field trials.
  • Realize and provide world-class facilities for applied and translational quantum security research.
  •  Build readiness for next-generation quantum-safe applications and services.

Luxembourg Quantum Communication Infrastructure Laboratory (LUQCIA)
Date announced: April 6, 2022
Description: A 5-year project aiming to build a national testbed for quantum communication infrastructure in 2023, enabling advanced and applied research in quantum key distribution and quantum internet.
Efforts include:

  • Study more complicated topologies and pave the way to QKD through satellite systems.
  • Enable research across quantum communication networks including software, cryptography, networking, signal processing and optics.

QuTech, Eurofiber and Juniper Networks Netherlands Network
Date announced: May 7, 2022
Description: This quantum testbed connects several locations in the Netherlands and is open to new partners to join and explore quantum technology.
Efforts include:

  • Securing communication with quantum technology.
  • Integrate a proof-of-concept MDI-QKD system into a commercial optical fiber network and explore the challenges of installation and operation.
  • Develop the bedrock of next generation of digital infrastructure.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Quantum Network Facility
Date announced: May 18, 2022
Description: The goal of the facility is to provide infrastructure and capabilities to the user community in order to benchmark performance and expedite the development of the quantum ecosystem.
Efforts include:

  • Enable new applications, such as enhanced optical interferometry, large line-of-sight arrays of entangled sensors, quantum networks of atomic clocks, and distributed quantum computing.
  • Test and characterize the performance of quantum networks, including error analysis and mitigation.
  • Develop the internet-based control and protocols necessary to operate entanglement-based networks.

Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) + Toshiba
Date announced: June 16, 2022
Description: A new 35-mile extension has built upon Argonne National Laboratory’s already 89-mile (144-kilometer) quantum loop now connects to the South Side of Chicago, putting the city at the heart of one of the largest quantum networks in the country.
Efforts include:

  • Testing new communication devices, security protocols, and algorithms that will eventually connect distant quantum computers around the world.
  • Opportunities to transmit quantum information in a real-world environment and push the boundaries of what is currently possible with quantum security protocols.
  • Enable scientists from academia, industry, and government labs to collaborate on advancing quantum communication.

Amazon center for quantum networks
Date announced: June 21, 2022
Description: The AWS Center for Quantum Networking, a new research effort that aims to push forward the science and engineering of networking quantum computers together, both for building more powerful, multiprocessor networks for computation and for creating secure quantum communication networks.
Efforts include:

  • Enabling global communications protected by quantum key distribution with privacy and security levels not achievable using conventional encryption techniques .
  • Provide powerful and secure cloud quantum servers by connecting together and amplifying the capabilities of individual quantum processors.

Date announced: June 27, 2022
Description: The DC-QNet testbed is located in Washington, DC and will perform entanglement distribution of qubits at multi-kilometer distances over a well-characterized and controlled quantum network.
Efforts include:

  • Development of high fidelity quantum memory nodes, single-photon devices, network metrology, qubit platforms, transduction and frequency conversion, synchronization, and continued research and development into enabling science and technology.
  • Developing the network infrastructure to connect the six metropolitan agencies.
  • Research and development into the classical management and control, routing, monitoring and metrology and associated software of the quantum network.

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August 25